Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How To Optimize Your Online Sales Funnel?

Even before the coming of the internet, sales funnel was there in existence. In recent years, this concept has become extremely popular in the domain of internet marketing. It has become a well discussed concept in the network marketing industry, and is also used in other online marketing forms such as freelancing, retail, direct selling and affiliate marketing. Find out how to optimize done for you funnels.

Ensure targeted customers

Make sure that those entering your sales funnel are absolutely targeted. With a more targeted population, you can achieve a higher conversion rate and drive sales traffic to your own funnels. These include the simplest internet marketing methods such as online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, article marketing and search engine optimization. Compare page WP builders such as Optimizepress VS Clickfunnels and choose the best one to create website pages easily, possibly on your own – to save expenses at the initial stage of your business.

Pay attention to product / service quality

Pay optimal attention to the quality of the services and products that you offer in the sales funnel. Your offers need to be of value to your consumers at all stages of the funnel. By offering products / services of value to customers, you can make them purchase from you over and over again. It is thus essential to keep in touch with present and previous consumers and have them updated with your newest offerings. You can do this by having your consumers sign up with your sales mailing list, before letting them access to your sales funnel.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

How To Optimize A Landing Page With Success?

It is essential have your affiliate item pre-sold beforehand. This can be done by optimizing the landing page of your website. It is extremely important to pay attention to the landing page’s look and feel. You should not have any distraction in the landing page, to ensure that your visitors do one thing only – clicking on your website affiliate link. Here are some important tips for landing page optimization, and you can use the same to boost your commission.

Consider the relevance of your website content

If you wish to boost your CTR, the content of your landing page should be relevant to your target audience, product and keyword. The relevancy is important, as relevant content can attract more visitors that are relevant. They are likelier to buy from you. You have to ensure that the content is associated to the item that you intend to promote.

Be Specific

It is essential to ensure that visitors can immediately understand the content of your landing page, right after landing there. In case your website is so ambiguous that visitors have to guess over and over again, your landing page has not been well optimized. Ensure that the done for you marketing funnel information is direct and clear. Visitors will soon leave your web page if they do not know what it is all about.

Keep astrong headline

Headline is the most vital aspect of your landing page, and it plays a big role in attracting or repelling your visitors. Ensure that your landing page is clear and simple, and is interesting to read.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid During Sales Funnel Setup

Setting up a sales funnels on ClickFunnels with success requires appropriate set of processes and lots of dedication. A lot of internet marketers end up making some common errors, which jeopardize business growth and expansion. Here are the top 3 mistakes to avoid while setting up a sales funnel.

Not offering something valuable to visitors

It is important to offer something worthwhile to your website visitors, so that they are prompted to take fast action and use your free offer for achieving their objectives. Offer them content that is tough to find anywhere else, or explain strategies in a stepwise fashion. The more the work that is involved, the better the offer is. You can offer a free video or PDF report to ensure this, and improve your brand credibility and reputation.

Not categorizing the sales list by niche

Keep in mind that not everyone would be attracted to your initial product. It is best to stick to your core product, create a list and then cross promote. When a buyer finds that you have great content, he will be likelier to purchase from you. In that case, you will get a consumer on varied list for every product that you offer. If all these seem difficult, get done for you funnels created by professional agencies.

Not making long-term plans

You should have a long-term strategy to be able to create a product list and offer items to your subscribers. Begin with an introductory product and then branch off into particular courses and strategies. Video courses and PDF courses are two proven formats.

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3 Free Offers To Make To Your Customers On Marketing Funnels

A Sales Funnel functions by directing your entire traffic to the sales process. Every successive step will reduce your actual audience. Ultimately, you will only be left with those who are actually interested in your service or product. You have to make product or service offers or sales copies to these people. Here are 3 offers that you should make to your customers on done for you funnels.

Free report

You can offer this on the squeeze page of your website. As an example, you can offer your potential customers a free report on the topic of “Are there Safe Weight Loss Pills to Help You Reduce Weight”. While prompting them your email address and name, you can offer this free report. Make sure that your free gift is superior in quality.

Free eBook

Place this at the beginning of your sales marketing funnel, with an option to buy an advanced version of the same at a later stage. For instance, after offering an eBook about “How to Lose Weight Safely” you can instantly present them the option to upgrade to “The Fitness Experts’ Guide to Safe Weight Loss” for $100. There is a higher chance of your customers buying it, after they opt for the first item.

Free videos

This should be a part of your video marketing efforts. People love free videos, and offering expert information through the visual medium can make you some sort of an expert. Others will look up to you and be ready to spend on your services or products.

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Top 3 Aspects Of A Sales Marketing Funnel


A sales funnel is used to create sales customers, and an internet network marketer can help you in this regard. It is possible to ensure marketing funnel setup in numerous ways. You require a sales funnel for the conversion of leads to actual customers and generate high sales. Find out about 3 basic aspects to a marketing sales funnel.

Landing Page

The landing page needs to have an eye-caching headline, which should reveal something about the services or products that are being marketed to sales customers. The page should also have your image or video, you being the individual the customers would deal with. In case you use a video, you will be able to sell your offerings in a better way. Your potential consumers can be offered a snippet of information of what to expect on the following page.


Back page

When you create sales funnels on ClickFunnels, you can display everything to your customers on the 2nd page of the sales funnel, so that consumers can take a decision. Use the page to offer them plenty of information in detail about what you are selling or promoting. Make this a lengthy page with plenty of information, to maximize the chances of turning leads into customers. This will ultimately translate into sales for you.

Auto Responder

With the auto responder, you can list all the potential consumers and where to send auto-responder emails to. You can find many free auto responder tools on the web to choose from. Pre-write your emails and schedule them in the auto responder to send on auto pilot.

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